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C-Quadrat Ampega offers three pension funds
with different investment strategies.
You can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Pension funds differ by their investment strategies.

Pension funds invest in fixed-income, including government and corporate bonds, deposits, fixed-income funds, and equities. Funds differ by the maximum level they can invest in equities.  

Fixed Income (CQFIX) pension fund invests only in fixed-income instruments. Conservative (CQCON) and Balanced (CQBAL) pension funds have exposure to equity. 


Fixed income 100%

Armenian dram 60%

Foreign currency 40%


Fixed income 75%

Equity 25%

Armenian dram 60%

Foreign currency 40%


Fixed income 50%

Equity 50%

Armenian dram 60% 

Foreign currency 40%

your pension

Bar chart percent:

Your pension balance :

Your contributions:

State contributions:

Your returns:

Your pension will be

50.000 ֏ monthly
Your pension in present value terms: ֏

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This calculator is provided for informational purposes and provides only a rough estimate of potential pension amounts. The accuracy of the results depends heavily on the accuracy of the inputs, and changes in these inputs can significantly affect the estimated pension amount. The since-inception return of CQ Armenia Growth Fund is used to calculate the target pension amount. The actual pension amounts may vary significantly from the estimates.

3 ways to choose your pension fund

Option 1

"My Account" webpage of Central Depository of Armenia

Option 2

By visiting one of the Pension Account Operators

Option 3

Bank app: some bank apps have a feature that allows you to change your pension fund․

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