Your monthly pension
1,380,256 ֏
Your pension in present value terms
380,256 ֏
Replacement Rate
Your pension balance
19,256,589 ֏
Your and state contributions
10,256,589 ֏
Your return provided by the fund manager
5,000,000 ֏

You are on track to receive 256,896 AMD in present value terms

To reach your desired pension, you will need to save monthly:

400,000 ֏

This calculator is provided for informational purposes and provides only a rough estimate of potential pension amounts. The accuracy of the results depends heavily on the accuracy of the inputs, and changes in these inputs can significantly affect the estimated pension amount. The since-inception return of CQ Armenia Growth Fund is used to calculate the target pension amount. The actual pension amounts may vary significantly from the estimates.

Pension funds

Last updated: 11-July-2024 00:00