Supervisory Board

Ernst-Ludwig Drayss

Chairman of the Supervisory Board Born 18.11.1948

Ernst-Ludwig Drayss has more than 40 years of experience in the financial sector. Having been in charge of introducing modern financial analysis in the German market while serving as Director and Head of Investment Research of Deutsche Bank, he is widely recognized in the international asset management industry. He is also known for his passion in Armenia as a whole, and especially for Armenian music

Andreas Wimmer

Member of the Supervisory Board Born 25.03.1966

Andreas Wimmer is a member of the management board of C-QUADRAT Wealth Management GMBH and is a proxy holder of the C-QUADRAT Investment AG. He is a known expert for organization, governance, and marketing. He heads the Department for Marketing and is also Deputy Head of the Department of Legal, Risk Management and HR.

Johannes Kärcher

Member of the Supervisory Board Born 24.12.1950

Mr. Kärcher is not only known as a German businessman and co-owner of the Kärcher Group and therefore a responsible employer of more than 10,000 employees in 41 countries. He is also widely known for his profound philanthropist charity activities in many countries and his deep emotional connection not only with Germany, but also with Brasil and Armenia. Among other, he has been honored with the Order of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Armenian “St. Nerses the Gracious” medal.

Cristobal Mendez de Vigo

Member of the Supervisory Board Born 07.02.1972

Cristobal Mendez de Vigo is the Member of the Management Board of C-QUADRAT Investment AG and the CFO of the C-QUADRAT Group.

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Latest news

The calculation and publication of the net asset value (NAV) of the Funds


Please be informed that October 27 is a non-working day for our fund administrator Raiffeisen Bank International AG, who calculates the net asset values (NAV) of the Fixed, Conservative and Balanced Funds managed by C-QUADRAT Ampega Asset Management Armenia LLC., therefore, the values of NAV and NAV per share of the Funds will not be updated and published on this website on October 27.



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Armenia: Caucasian pension circles


Article about the Armenian pension reform, mentioning C-QUADRAT Ampega Asset Management Armenia , published in IPE (Investment & Pensions Europe, UK) January 2018 Magazine. 

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Press release


Brief press release on Pension Fund Managers 4 year activity

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Compliant Taxpayer


C-QUADRAT Ampega Asset Management Armenia has been recognized as a Compliant Taxpayer

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