AGF - Armenia Growth Fund

An opportunity to participate in the growth story of Armenia, earn solid income and diversify investments geographically.

CQ Armenia Growth Fund is a well diversified investment vehicle, composed of regulated* assets such as equities, equity funds, equity-equivalent instruments, bonds, money market instruments and deposits. A maximum of 25 percent of the fund is invested in equities. Securities denominated in Armenian Dram, account for at least 60 percent of the portfolio.

The fund's composition and strategy mirrors C-Quadrat Ampega’s Conservative Pension Fund, which is built and managed in close cooperation with the company's international shareholders. Since inception in 2014, the mirror fund has been successfully managed reaching total of EUR 213 million (equivalent to AMD 113 billion) Assets under Management, of which about AMD 20 billion earned for participants. 

Company's founding partners, C-Quadrat Investment AG, Austria and Talanx Asset Management GmbH, Germany, implement their mastery in more than 150 countries, globally managing over EUR 120 billion worth Assets under Management. Following the best traditions and financial discipline of the partners, C-Quadrat Ampega Asset Management Armenia conducts day-to-day operations to identify the most appropriate financial instruments and to manage your growth-chasing investments in the best manner.

You can join the fund through the account operators, which you can access here

Armenia Growth Fund mirrors C-Quadrat Ampega’s Conservative Fund, which has the following composition:


CQCON Composition

Since March 2014, the Net Value of Assets of CQCON (C-Quadrat Ampega Conservative Fund) grew by almost 60%, raising the value of a single share from 1000 AMD to 1596 AMD in August 2019.



*Assets that are under the supervision of CBA in case of Armenian assets, or the foreign federal/state regulating body (e.g. Federal Reserve, Bank of England) in case of foreign assets.

Fund Rules

“CQ Armenia Growth Fund - CQ AGF ”

CQ AGF is a public, open, standard, contractual investment fund with an objective of long-term growth of asset value through investing up to 25% of its assets in equities, equity funds, and equity-equivalent instruments, and the remainder in fixed income instruments, money market instruments, deposits, and other assets.

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